Arkaya Foundations for Life/ Yoga Bija Course (30+5hr programme)



The Yoga Bija means Yogic seed. Plant seeds of harmony. Learn to HARMONISE all areas of your life and relationships. Enhance and integrate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Move from just intellectually understanding to REALISING. Create deeper CONNECTIONS.

Who is this for?

1. This program is for anyone who wants a better life and to tap into a life of possibilities and ease

2. For anyone who wants to be a Arkaya Yoga Teacher

3. For Teachers from other styles/traditions who want to teach a more integrated style like Arkaya Yoga

There will be 30 class room hours  + 5 seva hours that the participant needs to fulfil

The Foundation / Yoga Bija course is part of the 230 hour Yoga Teacher’s Programme (190hrs + 40 seva hrs) and can also be done independently with Yogacharini Maitreyi, a Practical Mystic originally from India. Click here to read about Yogacharini Maitreyi

Included in the Foundation course is also the one day programme, the Magick of Mindfulness.


Contents Of The Course:

  • From Stress to Serenity
  • Classical Yogic diet and lifestyle
  • Creating a synergy of the right and left brain
  • Releasing old unnecessary karmic (thought,emotional and behavioural) patterns and traumas
  • Conscious boundary setting
  • Strengthening the nervous system
  • Being in tune with your rhythm
  • Multidimensional thinking
  • Acceptance of ones vulnerabilities, shadow side / sub conscious fears and releasing them.
  • Learning to Simplify (Purify), Slow down, Stabilise and Synthesize.
  • Aligning Body,Emotions and Mind with the Divine
  • Enjoying the process and become playful

Upcoming Foundation/ Yoga Bija programmes


Yoga Bija in Chennai, India. 05th Mar to 27th Mar, 2016

  • March 05th Saturday - 09.00 to 06.00 p.m – The Magick of Mindfulness
  • March 13th Sunday   - 11:45.a.m to 5.30.p.m
  • March 19th Saturday - 02:00.p.m to 6.00.p.m
  • March 20th Sunday   - 11:45.a.m to 5.30.p.m
  • March 27th Sunday   - 11:45.a.m to 7:30.p.m (participants will be meeting with the children of Arkaya foundation and sharing a meal with them.)

Yoga Bija in Vancouver, Canada 2016.

  • July 9th -  10 a.m to 7.00  p.m - The Magick of Mindfulness
  • July 10th - to 5.00 p.m
  • July 16th - to 5.00 p.m
  • July 17th to 5.00 p.m 

Venue : First three days will be at the Langara Centre for Holistic Sciences at Broadway and Ash. Suite M11

Course Fee -  $ 700 before the 2nd of July and $800 after


Effortlessly move towards your core. Stabilise and Soar. Open to more love yet be grounded enough to draw healthy boundaries. You will be able to truly love and connect with depth.

This is a Certified Programme for creating deeper shifts and your hours will go towards your Teacher Training

  • Yoga Bija denotes the seed of wholesome communion that sprouts in the minds of those who do the practice
  •  It has the potential to release us from old binding thought patterns, emotional and behavioral patterns
  •  Helps dissolve old energy blocks
  •  Whatever is unnecessary will naturally fall away gently
  •  Life becomes the practice
  •  More multidimensional thinking
  • Tools to download wisdom and not just information or knowledge
  •  Become aware of and dissolve old samskaras or behavioural patterns
  • Classical Yogic Diet and Lifestyle
  • Create a synergy of the Right and Left Brain
  • Alignment of head, heart and hands
  • Working with and harmonizing polarities
  • Imbibing Neuro Energetic Programming
  • Releasing old unnecessary karmic patterns and cellular traumas
  • Learning to BE as well as consciously DO.
  • Learning to Simplify (Purify), Slow down, Stabilise and Synthesize.
  • Enjoying the process and become playful
  • Embracing what is.

The course will enable you to move towards your higher purpose, despite you being in the way. So integration time is necessary.


Real life assignments are given.

For workshop facilitator’s profile check and go to founder’s profile.

Please note the Foundation programme is one of the segments of the Yoga Teacher’s /Enlightened Leadership programme.

This is a 190 hr + 40 hr course that enables the person to do the personal work that helps one absorb and exude yoga and not just a series of exercises. When one teaches it is natural and a result of the work one has done. It becomes part of ones being rather than just going through the motions of it.

The 190 hr trainer’s programme consists of doing the Foundation course three times and another 100 hrs of work.

A long term approach is what I would recommend for the changes to integrate in the system. Hence the trainer’s course is spread across two or three years and can be done at one’s own pace. This allows time for the refinement and subtleties to sink in. For more details about the teacher’s/self discovery programme contact


What is expected of you in the Yoga Bija/ Foundation Course and what to expect

1. Please be present for each class unless otherwise exempted in case one has a prior important appointment.

2. Be on time for each class.

3. Bring a yoga mat and bottle of water

4. Avoid strong chemical scents and perfumes

5. Write about the subject chosen by you for contemplation

6. Complete the Seva (service) projects and write the insights from it.

7. Develop the capacity to SEE oneself in a loving space

8. There may be a cleansing process which could be a physical cleansing like loose bowel movements, night sweats or old traumas coming to the surface. Old fears surfacing in the form of nightmares or dreams.

9. Whenever the cleansing is too much let the facilitator know and the intention of gentler cleansing will be held. Do not try to clear it all out all at once.

10. You will become more aware of how you are projecting on others and others are projecting on you.

11. You will become more comfortable with your emotions without having to suppress them, become depressed or explode.