When we learn to use our internal resources efficiently (our thoughts, energy, emotions and body) wisely , then we start to use external resources better. 
This inner wisdom is reflected as peace , ease, emotional honesty, efficiency and harmony – Maitreyi

When we focus on the solution , the problem blurs and dissolves – Maitreyi


Arkaya has a team of professionals who hold dear the ethos of excellence and enthusiasm. We conduct

1.  Mindfulness and Yoga based programs on the floor

2. Yoga based programs on the chair that addresses ergonomics, emotional management and mind management

3. Soft skills programs where mindfulness is incorporated for better assimilation


Arkaya Mindfulness sessions have been conducted in various top companies as short in-house workshops as well as longer programs.

With respect to the Yoga and mindfulness sessions we have created modules as short as 7mins for the team in Visteon. So depending on your needs programs can be tailor made

A series of 10or 3 month , 1 hour or 2 hour sessions is also popular as well as half day and full day workshops.

We have a wonderful team for Mindfulness and self management programs as well as other soft skills programs.

The One day Self Mastery and Stress management program The 3M Magick of Mindfulness has been designed by Yogacharini Maitreyi has been taught to top management and various cadres across different countries. This has also been conducted as a 2 day workshop for better assimilation. Shorter segments of the program have also been taught by her.

Many mindfulness and yoga based programs are also taught by Arkaya trainers.

Paul James has a pre-doctorate in training needs analysis and Arkaya also has a team of soft skills trainers who deliver quality programs.