Arkaya Multidimensional Healing

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Arkaya Healing is rooted in the ancient Yogic healing methodology - using gentle energy healing, realignment practices & touch to address physical, emotional, mental and energetic blockages or imbalances in the human system.

An in-depth assessment of the flow of energy through the different centers in the body will enable the enhanced movement of prana or life force. As a result, you will experience greater mental clarity, emotional & pain relief, optimized health & energy flow, and organ functioning. The sessions also enable self-awareness, self-discovery as well as body, emotion and mind management through verbal sharing, clarifying & reframing.

The Arkaya Yogic Healing system realigns you in a very unique manner - working not only on a conscious level, but also on a subconscious and energetic level. This allows for the unfolding of your highest and most expansive potential in life.

What to expect?

A typical Arkaya Healing session will last about an hour with you lying either face up or face down in a quiet, relaxing space. Both touch and non-touch methods of rebalancing and healing are used. The touch will range from slight to mild pressure. Essential oil blends may also be used to clear space.

The sessions are generally deeply relaxing and help to unravel pent up stresses, emotions and limiting beliefs. The use of breath work at certain intervals may also be encouraged. You may feel subtle sensations in different bodily areas arise and release as you are being worked on, giving way to feelings of warmth, lightness and contentment.

It is encouraged to take a few minutes of rest after an Arkaya session, to integrate the deeper shifts before returning back to life in a gentle way. Also, drinking lots of water and getting a good rest in the next coming days is beneficial.

Number of Sessions Required

Response to Arkaya Healing varies from individual to individual and condition to condition. The number of sessions needed varies from a series of three to nine sessions or continued care over the course of several months. With that said, even one session can be very powerful and life changing.