A 230 hr programme (with 40 hrs of seva and community creation)

 Welcome to the path of conscious evolution! This Yoga teacher training course is an adventure of self discovery.

It is a very unique and in-depth programme to connect deeper with oneself. This will result in a deeper connection to everything around. One will also learn to access and cultivate discernment and detachment to connect yet not be over attached.

It is structured in a very unique way to facilitate transformation. It enables you to build the roots for a yoga life.

The programme is spread across time and one can do it in one, two or three years. This is to enable positive shifts to take place and allow for integration time. Though the programme covers 190 hrs there is a lot more time covered through seva, personal work and a step by step method of evolving. The mis-alignments in the physical, emotional and mental systems are rebalanced and one moves into a space of effortless effort where the practice and the yoga life become enjoyable.
Students look at all areas of their life and yoga is absorbed and lived rather than achieved.
A comprehensive set of tools are taught in the space of lightness and ease

There are four segments to the Teacher’s programme. One has to complete atleast three Foundation or Yoga bija courses that covers 90 hrs of study and 15 hrs of seva in total and another 100 hrs of training and 25 hrs of seva (conscious service to one’s higher self and community). Or the person can complete one foundation course, One healing retreat and the 100 hour program

The foundation and teacher training courses are taught in Chennai/India and  Vancouver/Canada once a year. The hours can go towards your yoga alliance accredited hours should you choose to register with them.

Each time one does or participates in a foundation course a different layer of the system is accessed and refined. There are layers and layers of unconscious samskaras or habit patterns and tendencies to be released. This is only the tip of the iceberg and helps one light the torch to see the next conscious step in the journey. Many have done the foundation program for over 5 times and feel layers of their unhealthy past peel off like a snake skin.
Through the process one refines Tamas ( inertia, darkness, ignorance, fogginess) and  Rajas (agitation, impulse, restlessness) towards sattva
(alive stillness, alertness).

Yogacharini Maitreyi facilitates both a subtle and powerful energy which participants need to integrate. She helps people integrate both the mystic experiences with living in the material world.

One also has the opportunity to integrate them in one’s life by working on real time or real life projects rather than just bookish knowledge. One learns to be aware of one’s boundaries and create conscious clear spaces for things to harmonize. Unhealthy enmeshments with oneself, people and situations are released.

The course will also include

  1. The essence of Yoga
  2. Applied Yoga philosophy
  3. Embodying a Yoga life
  4. Classical yoga forms like hata yoga, raja yoga, gnaya yoga , karma and bakthi yoga
  5. The different limbs of  Classical Ashtanga yoga.
  6. Recognizing ones spiritual self
  7. Yogic diet and living an Organic life
  8. Yogic self awareness and awareness of flow of prana in ones system
  9. Yogic Mind power
  10. Principles of active surrender to the divine consciousness
  11. Mantra sadhana
  12. Clearing and opening the Chakras and recognizing your spiritual connection
  13. Preparing the system for true meditation
  14. Relate to asanas as tuning into states of being
  15. Alignment of body, emotions and mind with the divine
  16. Pranayamas to release pain and energy blocks and remove the veil that prevents us from truly SEEing
  17. Teaching practice where one becomes the teachings

Fee: $3,950 CAD+ $700 for retreat ( if paid in full)
Rs 90,000 for Indians living in India
Payment options can be discussed

You are welcome to download the registration forms from here –
Non refundable $50 processing fee Or Rs 500

May peace pervade your life.

This 35 hour program teaches the fundamental principles of the great science and art of Yoga.  This programme will enable one to apprentice as a trainer for the 3M Magic FUNshop that Arkaya has developed.  The training will be conducted by Yogacharini Maitreyi.  Attendance of a 3M Magic Funshop as well as public classes will also be included. Opportunities to apprentice as a trainer at Arkaya will be available.