Arkaya comes from Sanskrit word Arka which means Light, Healing and Inspiration. ARKAYA means with/unto the light. It is also the quality of the sun that heals afflictions. It embodies the guru spirit, throwing light on the undiscovered aspects of ourselves. Guru = one who dispels darkness .

If you are looking for an authentic space to Train to become a Yoga teacher or Healer or learn the foundation principles of  Classical Yoga and Traditional Tantra in a step by step manner , then this is the space for you. If you want to contribute to yourself as well as society then this is the space for you. If you are a CEO or an executive in a company who wants to learn self mastery and stress management then this is the space for you.

Arkaya is a space founded by Yogacharini Maitreyi where the light of illumination can shine through each one of us. It is a space, where one can embrace all aspects of oneself with love, joy and consciousness to allow the unnecessary to just melt away. It is an organic space where one can synchronize with source and rise to one’s highest potential. Re-connect to oneself and others as well as cultivate healthy boundaries. Feel inspired to rest in, savour and celebrate your BEING.