Goddess Durga

                   Goddess Lakshmi

                       Goddess Saraswathi

Invoke Your Inner Goddess and God

For self awareness and empowerment

With Yogacharini Maitreyi


Join us for a nurturing evening of befriending your divine feminine. Learn practices to be both soft and strong, gentle and firm, creative and focused , accepting as well as respecting boundaries and both aligned and free flowing. Feel the feminine divine dance within you to a point of stillness where both the feminine and masculine are one.

Please wear clothes that express and celebrate the Goddess/God in you. They also need to be comfortable enough to enable you to participate in a gentle classical yoga session. Bring a yoga mat, a bottle of water and blanket for shava asana. You will also hear stories about what these goddesses exude.

  • Get initiated into befriending the inner Goddesses you need during a particular phase of your life
  • Learn about and invoke the three primary goddesses in the Hindu and Yogic tradition.
  • Look at them as symbols for certain qualities, rather than religious symbols
  • Build qualities in you like courage, abundance, love, discernment and wisdom.
  • Know how to be fierce yet choose to be gentle and kind.
  • Learn practical tools and techniques to evoke qualities of the mother spirit within.
  • Nurture yourself and release traumas.
  • Men will also benefit by accessing the feminine energy in them, which is an indicator of balance.
  • Learn yoga asanas and pranayamas to build your inner resources
  • Be inspired and move to newer levels of being
  • Bajans/Kirtan ( devotional song) to invoke the energy of the goddesses

Keep days relatively relaxed as there will be some gentle cleansing and shifts in ones consciousness and life situations. When you consciously slow down you will speeden up positive happenings.

Yogacharini Maitreyi conducts Arkaya Teacher Training programmes for those who would like to go deeper.

One becomes the teachings through the integration process in the programme. To become teachers the foundation course is the first segment.

The foundation (yoga bija) course (30hrs +5 hrs) can be done independently as well

Maitreyi is in Vancouver usually for the summers and the next Foundation course will after April 2012 when she arrives back into Vancouver.