Not just a regular Yoga teacher training but a SELF AWARENESS PROGRAM FOR HOLISTIC WELL BEING

Find the meeting point of polarities like the masculine and feminine, consciousness and power,striving and surrender, effort and effortlessness within you. Dance your most beautiful dance and heal body, emotions and mind


This includes all the deeper yogic and healing practices, 28 hours of Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments with two therapists, ayurvedic doctors diagnosis, healing foods and herbal medicines to heal.

Dates : Jan 25th to Feb 27th 2017 at Kerala Soma Palace



The teacher training is divided into three segments for absorption and assimilation. 

Two segments will be in the city and one of the segments will be an 8 day retreat in the city

a) The Arkaya foundations for life program - July 1st and 2nd weekend - Yoga on 7th ( covers 30 classroom hrs + 5 practicum/seva hours)

b) Arkaya Healing Retreat on Bowen island - 27th aug to 4th sept ( Covers 65 hours + 10 practicum/seva hours)

There is a beautiful kitchen at the centre  which allows for immersion into yogic meals and how to make them. You will also learn recipes and be involved in the cooking for atleast two meals.

c) 100 hr segment starting end of September 2017 + follow up of assignments and practicum in 2018 over two weekends



The full Teacher training is not happening in 2017 but the first segment is

a) The Arkaya Foundations for life program from March 4th , 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th

The first day March 4th alone will be at the GRT Hotel  and remaining days at 136.1 Alwarpet.



The Arkaya ( light, healing inspiration) Yoga Teacher training and Healing certification, will happen in Maitreyi Vedic Village ( In South India, near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu) from the 30th of Nov to the 3rd Of Jan. This is very special because of the  individual energy and chakra diagnosis, ayurvedic treatments, doctor’s diagnosis, internal re-balancing herbs, two therapists doing abhyanga ( oleation using medicated oils specific to each person), multidimensional healing sessionsJyothi ( inner illumination) Kriyas, Homas ( fire ceremonies+chanting for karmic cleansing), rooms made according to Vasthu (sacred geometry and architecture), vegetarian food made from the organic farm within the center and most importantly the intention of evolving with effortless effort

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( 20mins by ferry from Vancouver)

The Arkaya Yoga and Healing Teacher training is divided into four segments.  The Yoga bija/Foundation course can be done three times and then the final segment or one can attend the Healing retreat as well

The 30 hr foundation program starts on the 21st of June 2015 and continues for 4 sundays

Arkaya Healing Retreat – Aug 21st to aug 28th 2015 on bowen island (residential)

The 30 hr foundation course in 2016 third week of June

Final segment on Bowen Island



The Foundation course starts in Chennai on the 21st of Feb 2015. The first day is a full day from 9.15 a.m to 6.00 p.m at the GRT convention centre next to the GRT hotel. This one day session can be done independently as well

The remaining dates for the foundation course are

28th Sat and March 1st Sunday

March 7th and march 8th sunday

March 14th Sat and 15th sun

(3.5 hrs each day, Sunday mornings from 9. 30 am to 1.00 p.m and saturday 2.30 to 6.00)



Nov 30th to Jan 3rd 2014 at Maitreyi Vedic village. Then visit to chennai and meet with children of Arkaya foundation on the 4th of Jan.

A unique life transforming program to synchronise with source. This teacher training is a journey in self discovery. Many layers will be released to create a deeper connection with oneself. When one is cleansed one will feel ones light shine through.

The Arkaya Teacher Training will be held as a retreat at the Maitreyi Vedic village two hours from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu in South India. It is a pristine 25 acre organic farm near the mountains.

The Vedic village has also been constructed according to Vaasthu ( an Indian science of working with space and energy)

The Yogic dictum is when one is sick one is toxic.

This toxicity will be released through purification kriyas like the Jyothi Kriyas and various yogic practices

The course will include not just ayurvedic studies but also a diagnosis by an ayurvedic doctor from a long lineage and ayurvedic treatments and panchakarma to cleanse the system.  There will also beabhyanga ( oleation and massage with medicated oils)  with two therapists almost every day plus ayurvedic portions to take internally , room and organic food on a twin sharing basis and homas or fire ceremonies for purification. , Since Maitreyi Vedic village is an eco village it will also include food prepared from the organic farms there.

This program will be taught by Yogacharini Maitreyi

She embraces her humanness as well as kept her focus on her purification. The teachings are an extension of her life and not an intellectual subject. She has absorbed the teaching through her childhood exposure to a yogic life and light beings and studying formally in ashrams as well.

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DATES : Nov 30th to Jan 3rd – The numbers will be small ( 8 to 10) to allow for individual attention.




The Arkaya teacher training is very unique as it taps into effortless effort. It enables the participant to integrate and imbibe things rather than just intellectually understand them or simply learn a posture or breathing tool. Ones innate wisdom is tapped into through gentle healing practices and energy work.  This will be in a supportive environment at  Maitreyi Vedic village. There are services to wash clothes ( very nominal cost), have tender coconut water every day ( included in package) and breathe in the pristine air ( free)



1. The Jyothi ( inner illumination practices) Kriyasare a unique set of practices in the Arkaya yoga system . They are a fascinating tool for evolution and release many deep rooted traumas. It builds abundance on many levels.

2. Old unhealthy patterns of thought or behaviour are gently dissolved through the awareness and many mindfulness tools are imbibed.

3. Arkaya Yogic Healing is a process that is taught where not only the body, but the mind can also be aligned into a framework of ease and harmony. This sometimes entails partner work where participants get to support each other in non-verbal ways of healing.

4. Traditional ayurvedic treatments and abhyanga ( oleation or medicated oils are rubbed /massaged into the body to pull out deeply encrusted toxins). These oils will be chosen according to the doctors diagnosis of the persons dosha ( bio-energy/humour and sometimes that which contaminates). Internal herbs and other treatments will also be facilitated.

5. Farm grown organic meals cooked in a sattvic manner will be provided in the retreat centre. Fresh tender coconut water which is rich in electrolytes will be served to rejuvenate the system

6. There will be Homas (sacred fire ceremonies ) conducted for the purpose of purifying old negative vibrations and bringing in peace and prosperity for the environment and all involved. It will be like a great big smudge with lots of smoke due to the medicinal twigs and leaves that are burnt with ghee( clarified butter) along with chants. These chants were heard by the ancient researchers who tuned into universal vibrations that uplift.

7. There will be an option where one can meet the children of Arkaya Foundation in Chennai which is one of the major international airports and where you will most likely leave from. So we travel back to chennai on the 3rd Jan and can meet the children on 4th Sunday

( It is highly recommended that the flight from Coimbatore to Chennai is booked in advance due to the new year and weekend)



The teacher training is also conducted in Chennai/ India and Vancouver/Canada as a day program

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6.30 a.m to 8.30 a.m – Mindful asana ( imbibing many states of being ) , jathi ( conscious rhythmic movements to tune in) and kriya ( actions for purification) These practices awaken the cellular intelligence and break unhealthy patterns locked in the sub-conscious mind

8.30 to 9.20am – Breakfast

9.30 a.m to 11.00 a.m – Rudra Abhishek or Rudra Homa – Rudra is an aspect of Shiva. Abishek is offering fruits etc as an offering to the energy of love and consciousness. Homa is a sacred fire ceremony. The external fire builds our internal fire as well as jataragni or digestive fire that purifies. It increases prana within and also in the atmosphere. The homa creates harmony, makes one younger, rejuvenates the brain and heals relationships. ( Kindly note though this is recommended, attendance is optional depending on how each participant feels)

11. 20 to 1.00 p.m – Pranayama and Yogic healing practices.

1.00 to 2.00 p.m – Lunch

2.30 to 5.30 p.m – Ayurvedic treatments – Different treatment times will be allocated within that period. (Those having their treatments closer to 2.30p.m Kindly have an early lunch)

7.00 p.m to 8.00 p.m Dinner

8.15 p.m – 9.00p.m Chanting and Satsanga ( gather with those who seek the ultimate reality and tap into that collective consciousness)

9.00 to 9.30p.m – Self healing practices in bed



$ 7,350 For the teaching ( includes all teacher training classes, accomodation twin sharing, organic meals, ayurvedic diagnosis , ayurvedic treatments almost every day , internal medicines, fire ceremonies , some cooking classes and tax)

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