A Yoga life is a conscious life. It helps us enjoy life and have our needs met.

Excess and waste are ususally by products of dissatisfaction and disconnect. The aim of yoga is to learn to reconnect. That way we can use our resources well and use products and foods that are violence free.

Individuals are encouraged to read labels and buyfoods and  products that have the individual as well as as the planet’s well being in mind.

A wholesome life is a reflection of an organic life which is chemical free. As yoga practitioners we are aware of not just our emotional and mental toxins but also the chemical toxins that go into our system and learn to minimise it.


Yogacharini Maitreyi wanted to run a farm as a child and tuned into what would be the best farming practices. She has always encouraged natural methods of farming as well as those who sell those products.

She feels that the further green revolutions need to be more aligned with organic principles unlike the earlier green revolution in the 60s that promoted a lot of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides.

She has attracted those who believein principles of recycling and composting. She sees a lot of waste in Indian cities and finds there is great scope for proper recycling systems and composting systems. The west has woken up to those principles and its time India went back to it roots. Find resources near where you live about organic farms , recycling bins and other areas and we will feature them here for you

The children of Arkaya foundation have had many people address them on growing herb gardens, organic living and waste management.

Those inspired to give a one or two hr session ( long term is also welcome) for the children on these principleskindly contact us.


We are not just looking at

She also sees that people’s perceived sense of lack can push them to produce foods that are pesticide filled. Though she does not judge the people or the consumers, she enables people to see that sustainable communities are possible and can become a reality for all.


List of Organic stores in Chennai/ India