Corporate Feedback


“As part of a Faculty development program, we had invited Ms. Maitreyi to speak to our participants. She spoke for three hours and enthralled us with lucid examples of connections within the body and the connection between man and the universe. She explained how different types of food affect our bodies and mind. She told us how posture has a direct bearing on back pain and taught how to relieve pain. She showed easy exercises, which they could practice even in their work area.  Maitreyi is very knowledgeable, pleasant, energetic and passionate. I have been recommending her program to everyone.”
-  Shiva, Manager Human Resources, TCS

“We have been using the services of Ms. Maitreyi in conducting Yoga sessions for our employees. We find the program very useful and interesting. Maitreyi’s skill and knowledge in the field really helps to keep the vigour of the program high. We have plans to continue with her services after the current batch of trainees complete their program, as we want to carry the benefits of the program organization wide. Her discipline in adherence to time and schedule is commendable. “
- Kamali Rajesh, Associate Vice-President – Human Resources, Ford India Limited

“I was in a state of euphoria after attending Maitreyi’s workshop on Minding the body, Mending the mind and Managing moods. It has enhanced my concentration in my work. It has unleashed my creative insight and enhanced my self-confidence. I have become very healthy both mentally and physically.“
- N.C. Balachandran, Manager (Operations), Madras Management Association

It is brilliant and knowledge oriented. I wish to get involved in it more and more
- Debee Prasad CTS

Excellent-Very enlightening-Learnt simple techniques which can be easily practiced
- Ramya Venkateswaran, Citi Bank

It was totally new and the best way to have peace in life
- Rajshri Balasubramaniam, Satyam Computers

My belief about taking responsibility for one’s life has become even stronger
- Maya HR CTS

Excellent practical workshop on Yoga
- Mohan Kumar EID Parry.

Student Feedback


“Maitreyi did a workshop for our centre which was very well received. She is very grounded and spiritually connected, it is a pleasure to be in her presence. I have also had two private healing sessions that were very powerful. One I had the sensations of a strangling from a past life that I was able to release and the second felt like a foreign energy leaving my body. Her crystal readings and intuition are spot on and if you are serious about healing your body, mind or spirit see Maitreyi.”

- Janet

“I have taken three Foundation Courses and the Arkaya Yoga Teacher Training. The simple and practical tools that I learned have had a highly positive impact on my life. I feel more light, free and clear. I have more energy and vitality. I am more aware of my body, mind and emotions. On the first day of the teacher training, I started having an intense detox reaction that released many impurities from my body that I didn’t even know were there. Thank you so much!”
- Navin Kulshreshtha

Namaskaram! Thank you, thank you, thank you for a magical experience this weekend! Coming home from three full days of jathis and teachings, I was totally at peace Sunday evening. At peace in body, mind and soul. I felt all transparent, like clear and still water. I could feel and “see” right through myself. I could even single out the few blocks left in my body, like an x-ray photo they stood out solid against my otherwise crystal clear being. A wonderful experience!

I am deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to learn yoga from such a great teacher. Maitreyi’s teachings have the quality of coming straight from the “Source”. Learning yoga in this way puts it in the “bones”. It becomes an integrated part of me and it is easy to apply it in everyday life and also to teach it. Again Thank You!
Lena – Psychologist – Teacher Training Participant- Sweden


I came to Yogacharini Maitreyi at a time when I was filled with guilt as my husband had committed suicide. She was there with me patiently and taught me techniques that released suppressed emotions. Her positive and gentle presence helped me see that there was someone who cared. She also motivated me to become a trainer. Though she is much younger to me she is my guru.

She has done this wonderful service and continues to inspire me. She is truly a blessed person. I am always happy to see her and if not for consideration of her time, I could stay with her all day. Her constant loving and guiding presence has boosted my self esteem tremendously.

Mrs Ramani – Grandmother, Yoga Trainer and Shirdi Sai baba devotee