Healing starts when we acknowledge our wounds, pain, discomfort and our dysfunctionalities, yet do not want to be driven by it – Yogacharini Maitreyi

Healing is returning to wholeness – Yogacharini Maitreyi

Arkaya means light healing and inspiration. In Arkaya Healing the light consciousness is used to release dark areas of one’s body, emotions and mind. It throws light on areas that need to be seen, cultivating self awareness.

Just as a place becomes easy to navigate with a road map and torch, this soft glow of self awareness and light consciousness enables one to see the path and have better clarity.

It is a combination of body, emotion /energy and light work where chanting and sound healing is also used.

This Healing methodology is an integral part of The Arkaya Teacher Training where one learns to take the support of another in ones evolution and support another in theirs.

Many amazing healings have occurred.

Yogacharini Maitreyi has a diagnostic method where she also sees in which areas the energy is blocked and which organs need healing even before the disease fully manifests.



Maitreyi did a workshop for our centre which was very well received. She is very grounded and spiritually connected, it is a pleasure to be in her presence. I have also had two private healing sessions that were very powerful. In one I had the sensations of a strangling from a past life that I was able to release and the second felt like a foreign energy leaving my body. Her diagnosis, using a crystal and intuition are spot on and if you are serious about healing your body, mind or spirit see Maitreyi. Janet Rivers- President of the Leadership Council for The Centre for Spiritual Living


– Janet Rivers