ARKAYA is the quality of the sun that heals afflictions. It embodies the guru spirit, throwing light on the undiscovered aspects of ourselves. ARKAYA’s objective is to empower people to enliven themselves through the many courses and activities it organizes. The centre is devoted to infusing the spirit of self-awareness, which is symbolized by the word ARKAYA

Each of us must endeavour to enable the divinity in us to shine through. A healthy lifestyle and attitudes are necessary for growth. The teachings are based on classical Ashtanga Yoga that enables us to see the interconnectedness of everything. It is a deep science whose depths can be fathomed once we dive deeper into ourselves. The mind opens up to many dimensions. We move towards balance and integration of body, emotions, mind, intellect and soul. Maitreyi - Founder of Arkaya is connected to the lineage of Rishi Brigu through her Guru Dr Swami Gitananda and Gurupatni Meenakshi Devi.


-  Conducts Yoga programmes and regular classes for adults and children.

-  Trains corporates in the application of Yogic concepts in self management and stress management.

-  Organises events to create awareness on culture, spirituality, environment, healthy living.