Polarity enables harmonious interactions

On December 30 was a guru puja at the Kambali Swami madam in Pondicherry. I was happy to be there just before the New Year. The decorations, fragrances and the people around added to the ambiance. Mantras and bhajans filled the air. I remembered the time when my grandfather would chant on Saturdays and the main attraction for being there was the sundal (chick peas) and chakra pongal (sweet rice). I have evolved beyond that, not that my taste for either has diminished but now there are other reasons too. I want to absorb the energies that would help me grow.

Yogic practices are aimed at perfecting polarity. In magnetism, like poles repel and opposites attract. In the polarity of romantic love opposites attract yet similarities endure. Cellular polarity is necessary for harmonious physiological functioning. Cosmic polarity or the order of magnetic, gravitational, time and energy fluxes on earth enable life to thrive here. Yogic polarity is the harmonious interaction between opposites.

The asanas are a means of cultivating harmonious communication between different parts of the body so that they work as a team. There is communication between the head and the feet, between the left and right side and between the front and back of the body. Pranayamas help interactions between emotions. We accept and allow communication among so-called opposite emotions such as love and hate, fear and trust and worry and ease.

The techniques facilitate harmonious interaction between the body, emotions and mind. They facilitate energy movement between the right and left sides of the brain and between the conscious, sub-conscious and UN-conscious mind.

There are many aspects of our lives that can cause De-polarity. The food we take, our lifestyle, our emotions that are suppressed, improper breathing habits, the people we associate with and our thoughts can make us De-polarised depending on their quality and quantity.

Signs of being depolarized
On a physical level it manifests as body aches, disease and fatigue. On an emotional level one feels off color, there is depression, rage, anxiety, dis-interest or excessive fear.

Mentally one is unfocussed, forgetful, agitated or negative. People who are constantly blaming others or themselves and morose are De-polarised.

Ways of re-establishing polarity
The yogic system has an elaborate and comprehensive means for the cultivation of polarity. The many things that can be used as aids to cultivate polarity are food, lifestyle and moral habits. The asanas, pranayamas and specific polarity kriyas are techniques available for re-establishing harmony. In the paramparya of Dr. Swami Gitananda, there are specific polarity visualizations that aid prana (energy) to move harmoniously. It does take a lot of practice and concentration.

Sometimes one needs a lazy man’s guide to polarity. I visited the Quiet Healing Center and looked at the therapies available. The one that caught my eye was “polarity therapy”. It was true to its name. I rushed to be on time for the appointment and the session started just late enough to give me time to relax. That was a good start, and spoke of things to come. When one is polarized everything moves in harmony and things fall into place.

Ayurvedic therapies and treatments like reflexology, aromatherapy, music therapy, various healing massages and body work are also a means of bringing harmony back into the system. Of course to find a good therapist is the challenge.

A polarized person exudes positivism. Not the ungrounded enthusiasm that can be observed in those who are unstable. People cannot but be attracted to this energy. Being polarized is a sure way to becoming popular. One’s consciousness expands to see opposite viewpoints and hence such energy can bring about a new-order of harmony.