Yoga helps you make optimal use of prana or energy

Yoga increases awareness and energy levels. The world today needs synergy. Synergy is a conscious `syn’chronisation of energy for a higher goal. Biologist Lyall Watson in his book “Life Tide” speaks of the Hundredth Monkey Syndrome where members of a species communicate with one another telepathically. I’ve had the experience many times; when I think of someone, I either receive a call or just bump into that person. Or the thought and the occurrence are in sync. This connectivity not only with fellow humans but also with a cosmic intelligence is well explored in Yoga.

Yogic practices help us become more receptive to the connection that is already there with the intelligent design. It helps us to be in sync with the Supreme. Or if you feel you are doing the same thing, remember it can become an addiction.

What is prana?
Energy is called prana in Sanskrit. Anu is an atom or a single unit. Pra is prior. Thus prana is that which pervaded before there was manifest matter.Energy or prana is the driving force. Energy does not have intent. It is like electricity. It can heat or cool. Like electricity, it flows through psychic wires or nadis. There are 72,000 nadis.

Energy dynamics
These channels get clogged due to wrong lifestyle and attitudes. The energy pathways are cleansed in yogic practices so that prana can flow through more easily. This has to be done gently. If one forces prana, they will short circuit themselves. Some want to grow fast without sufficient purification of the nadis. One may want to grab another ones talent, their state of being or the person itself. Though this person may initially feel that he/she is getting a lot of energy in this manner, he/she will also have to deal with the intense electrical impulses that his/her nervous system may not be ready for. This results in uncontrolled, extreme emotional states. A good synergy internally is when a person’s mind allows his material desires to unfold rather than resisting them. Externally, there is good synergy when two or more people can combine energy for a common goal. It is a conscious decision to move in a particular direction. It is a means of propelling growth through teamwork.

Exercise and yoga
In exercise, we merely apply the body. Still it is beneficial. In yoga, we apply the mind as well as the breath along with the body. So, it is a synergy of body, emotions and mind. This increases the benefits exponentially. The bridge between the body and the mind is prana. Prana is much more than breath. It is the subtle force that pervades everything. It is like an electromagnetic field. It is harnessed from air but is not air itself. Similarly, it can be obtained from food, water, positive thoughts as well as the pranic field of positive people. That’s why if you spend too much time with someone who is negative or depressed, you end up feeling tired or low on prana. Yoga is being aware of optimizing prana. One is also conscious of using prana positively. Energy and being in sync with our higher intelligence are the two principles that help our lives move effortlessly.