Yoga is a method of regeneration through touch

Practices that are common in many cultures are fast getting eroded with the hectic pace of modern-day life. We acquire all material comforts these days, but are deprived of genuine demonstrations of affection. Hugging creates a sense of unity and belonging. Touch, hug and massage therapy aim to create an awareness of what was part of day-to-day life. Practicing yoga awakens us to the feeling that we belong to God and the universe.
Passive yoga

I’ve had undergone massage a few times, recently. There was a lot of care in the way it was done. The masseuse lamented how the very words “Thai massage” invariably conjure up images of shady practices. But I feel, it is nothing but yoga. While I didn’t have much to do, my body was gently twisted and turned. I breathed deeply to facilitate the release of pent-up stress. It was an energizing, yet relaxing experience.

Pet therapy

There was Tia, the dainty cat in India, and abroad, I have the good fortune of getting another brilliant therapist in the form of Charlie girl, the most adorable thing on this side of the planet! When she needs petting she comes up to me, and most endearingly stretches out her paw. Sometimes she gets a good half-hour to forty-five minutes of petting and stroking. To see her eyes close in relaxation and hear her purr in ecstasy makes my day worth it. Try to touch her when she does not want it and you get nipped by her. Ouch! Sorry for crossing your boundaries, and thanks for letting me know!

Sparsha mudra

Sparsha means touch and by using the sparsha mudra we can facilitate the flow of prana or energy in that particular area. The skin is a sensitive part of the body and we find that by touching areas with love we can heal those areas. Research has shown that babies who are touched more have not only better immune systems but also better self-esteem. A lot of skin ailments and burns respond effectively to touch. If due to irritation or pain one cannot touch the skin directly one can also touch the space a couple of inches above the affected area. Though there is no physical contact, there is an energy contact.

Reiki uses the same principle, whereby one allows oneself to become a channel of healing. Healing is going back to our state of wholeness.


A prarthana or a positive thought is a way of touching someone or oneself. This is the principle by which distance healing works. It is not only a prayer where you ask for something but you enable it to happen. We are constantly touching people and affecting incidents with our mind. So let us communicate and commune with love by being constantly in prarthana. Let us also not berate ourselves if like Charlie we use our common sense or wisdom to nip someone if they are intrusive