Don’t ignore the messages your body and being send to you

I saw a man riding a TVS moped on which six goats hung precariously. I stopped him and asked if he knew it was a punishable offense apart from it being cruelty to the animals. He said the goats were not hurt or bleeding but later apologized for the lack of awareness. Many times, I have ignored my space and time being encroached upon. The importance of awareness is learning the hard way in life. So, the entire lesson of our lives is to BE-AWARE. Ignorance springs from a tendency to ignore the messages our body and being send to us. It is an ongoing process and not a one-time solution. Being free is accepting life situations, even when we have to notice things about ourselves that do not fit into our self-image.

Taking risks
In life, we are mostly driven unconsciously. However, when Moksha (freedom from a conditioned limited state of being) is our goal, our life will somehow lead us to it. Many times we may feel we are groping in the darkness of Tamas (dullness, inertia). And then there are sparks of consciousness. Even if one does not understand the process but learns to accept it, life takes us to newer levels when there is sincerity. The process for attaining freedom from old patterns is to slip into new ways of being. You have to risk relating to a new you.

The arrogance of ignorance
The more ignorant the person, the more arrogant he is. Arrogance is different from self-esteem. A boorish mentality will always encroach upon the subtle. Those who allow loud speakers to blare, those who smoke without regard for others and those who misuse information and people are all examples of such a mentality.

How does one act in response to such encroachments upon one’s space? It takes discernment and trust in the universe. Sometimes, a soft reminder to make them aware of what they are doing and at other times aggressive action may be required. More than the act, the intention behind it is important. One has to relate from a space of strength and not weakness. Sometimes, one tries to forgive because one thinks one has to. This is the worst, especially when one has not learn to stand up for oneself. This causes depression. These repressed emotions will affect the body and manifest themselves in the form of backache, headache, ulcer and other psychosomatic illnesses.

Technique of body awareness
Through this simple yet effective body awareness technique, we can be aware of any energy blocks. Sit on the chair or floor with back straight. Scan your body from the tip of your toes moving to your feet, ankles, each body part and to your head. Just sit for a while being completely aware of your body. Concentrate on the areas of pain and help relax the areas that are tense or taut.