Jathis or conscious movements helps to regulate the functions of various parts of the body

We are getting busier by the day. The discovery of washing machines, telephones, computers and other time and energy saving devices does not seem to have eased our nerves. In fact, people seem more frazzled than ever. We feel pushed, shoved and living another ones wish. Demanding markets and cutthroat competition are the words associated with life today.

Then, how does one remain reasonably relaxed in such an environment?
The key is self-awareness, an awareness of our own pace.

Tune in
We need to learn to tune in to our own rhythm; else we are constantly dancing to the tunes of others. We can see this either in the work environment or in our personal lives.

To tune in, we need a mind that is turned inward. This sort of tuning in is like tuning an instrument, which can be perfected over a period of time. In the beginning, we will most likely be off pitch but slowly we will learn the keys to harmonic sound.

At different phases in our life, we will find we have to adopt a different pace. When we have overstretched ourselves, we need to regain our balance by giving ourselves some time off. This is where the art of saying “NO” is important. We need to prioritize. Else, we will find ourselves pulled in different directions. When we ignore our internal rhythm, we will learn our lessons from life the hard way. Disease is the way the body tells us to slow down. It is actually a means of self-preservation. Else, we will burn ourselves out. So disease, when viewed as a message, can be a beautiful indicator that helps us re-connect to our own bodies and emotions.

The incidence of disease, especially heart disease, is on the rise. This is a sign that our bodies are desperate for attention.

Body awareness
When we practise yogic techniques, we always start with jathis. A jathi is a conscious movement. When a movement is done consciously we move to our internal beat or rhythm. Irrespective of what goes on around, this beat helps us move with lightness and grace. There are many jathis for different joints and parts of the body. There is no competition and one does not do them fast in the beginning.

Yet, somehow, we tend to feel fast is better. Imagine if our hearts felt the same way. If they decided to beat much faster than their regular 72 times a minute, we could end up with a burst blood vessel. That is what is happening these days. Our hearts feel pushed by our competitive drives and we end up with high blood pressure. So the beat is there to regulate and regularize it. Similarly, jathis for different parts of the body help regulate and regularize the functions of that part when practiced regularly.

Through this regular tuning-in, we see life begins to move gracefully. We walk with joy and the journey becomes as beautiful as the destination.

We find that our systems begin to co-operate and work as a team. We will not need an artificial pacemaker to set things right for us.

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