Here’s a jathi that helps relax the hip joints

IMPROVES FLEXIBILITY Of the hip jointsThis jathi works beautifully on loosening the hip joints. The hip joints can lose mobility due to constantly sitting on chairs. Most Indians have much more flexible hip joints due to the traditional method of sitting cross-legged. This posture works on opening out the hip joint. This jathi gives the much-needed circulation to the hips.

The bouncing movements make the body feel light. Take care to do it gently and regularly and you will find that your legs and hips are ready to walk in the right direction. It will literally bring a bounce back to your step.

Constant fear of the future and fear of failure bring about pranic blocks in the pelvic and lower back regions. The stress to achieve is so much that many youngsters end up with back pain. This constant fear throws their body off balance.

This jathi loosens up the lower back region as well. Practicing the jathi enhances our creative approach to life. It helps us bounce back from life’s disappointments. If we are stuck in the linear survival-oriented thinking, we miss out on the many connections that are possible with fellow humans as well as the world around us. The more the fear, the more the disconnect. The leg bounce brings about a beautiful connection between the legs, the knees, the hips, the lower back and the pelvic region.

The technique

Sit comfortably on the floor with feet stretched out and back as straight as possible. Bring the right leg over the left thigh. Bounce for as long as is comfortable. Feel the movement of the legs. Be aware of how the muscles are feeling. Be aware of any discomfort. Keep the mind focused on the movement and enjoy it. Doing it with awareness enhances the pranic (energy) flow. Then alternate and bring the left leg over the right thigh. Bounce the foot. Then relax the feet by loosely shaking them and thumping the thighs. This can also be done sitting on a chair, if the person is not able to sit on the ground.