The leg to hand swinging movement not only soothes but also stretches out the muscles of the hands and feet.


This jathi helps build flexibility in the body

Any gentle swinging movement is soothing and comforting. It brings a nice rhythm into the system. It smooths out the pranamaya kosha, also referred to as the bio-magnetic field or the aura. It releases tension and helps when there is dissipation of the nervous system. The swinging movement is used to pacify a baby. The swinging or rocking motion of the cradle helps put the baby to sleep. Even the sight of the rocking waves comforts us.

It releases worries. The leg to hand swinging movement not only soothes but also stretches out the muscles of the hands and feet. Right from the shoulders to the fingers, the muscles are given a good stretch. The swinging enables co-ordination between hands and legs and puts the body to use in a way that we have rarely explored earlier. This is the advantage of the conscious movement. By working on the body consciously, we are reducing the risk of rigid muscles as well as mindsets. Spasticity of the muscle is helped.

where the muscles become rigid due to damage to the nerves.The signals are not sent or distorted thus causing anything from slight stiffness to extreme and debilitating rigidity. The damage to the nerves can be due to physical or emotional accidents, cerebral palsy or other ailments. This jathi is beneficial in such cases. This jathi is extremely useful for athletes who want to build flexibility and agility in the body. The jathis are useful not only in curing but also in preventing degenerative conditions. With regular practice, you will feel younger. The muscles atrophy if they are not used and the jathis prevent and even reverse the loss of muscle movement.

The technique
Loosen your legs by shaking them and thumping the thighs on the floor. With your right hand, hold onto your right foot and swing it from side to side. In the beginning, you may not be able to keep the knees straight. Be gentle and don’t overstretch. Do 6-9 swings on the right side and then gently release your foot. Now, with the left hand, hold onto the left leg and swing 6-9 times and release. Then relax the feet by shaking. As you progress, increase the number of swings. Then you can also co-ordinate moving the head with the leg swings. As you swing the leg out, turn the head in the opposite direction. So if you are swinging the right leg to the right side, then turn the head to the left. Similarly, do it with the left leg.