Life speaks to me all the time. The mosquitoes near my ear, the cars honking and the laughter of a friend are all bringing to me messages about my environment, life and most important of all about myself. What a person, incident or an object evokes in me are indicators of how I relate to the world. Things I draw into my life mirror what I love or hate, or fail to see about myself. My relation ship with the world is not as one-dimensional as I may want to think of it. What do I see? What do I glean? What do I want and what I am looking to achieve are questions to which the answers are not apparent. However they might be answered in a simplified way to avoid in-depth analysis. The answers are not as important as questioning my motives, fears, and motivations. “Why am I doing what I’m doing?” is a question I keep asking my self. Each time I give an answer I look at the possibility that I might be deluded to think so. Then the universe is then ever so willing to help and sends little messages that can be received by anyone with a little sensitivity and interpreted by those who have common sense. But don’t we need extra sensory perception or great divining capabilities? Whew, we just cannot come to terms with the fact that the mundane things in life can possess meaning. We yearn for magic and what greater magic these days than that of the celluloid. With very little of our own we adopt media dreams. We want mega stuff, God in his million-dollar suit, his entrance marked by a vision of psychedelic lights. We seek out the spectacular.

The small yet beautiful things in life lose light as our eyes are dimmed by the artificial brilliance that shines. The more we see the more we want without realizing that this brightness is one day going to blind us. Like everything else that is acquired these tastes only lean towards perversion. A perversion of our senses. Natural foods are no longer palatable, we want the colorings and the flavorings of the chemical industries. We want music that would be connected with insanity a century ago to fill our minds, we want hips gyrating at our faces and want glamor at the expense of substance. Sensationalism sells and we are the buyers. We undervalue and ignore that which is invaluable.

Life is the keeper of the subtle and the small things. It’s glory seen in the simplest of gestures. It’s abundance in the humblest of blessings. Yet we ignore it because we do no not want to acknowledge we have so much to be grateful for. If we are truly grateful then we can never call life a “bitch” only a “blessing”. We know it is not life doling out experiences but giving us what we need for our evolution. We will need less of the bothersome ones if we are quick on the uptake. If we change what needs to be changed. If we do what needs to be done and ease into not doing what is not right to do. If we don’t, we know there is a price we are paying for it.

And despite all the resistance life never tires of us. It cajoles us, nudges us, shoves us and then gives us a good kick. It is unfortunate that sometimes we learn only from the school of “hard knocks”. It says “Dearest I will never give up on you. Even if my heart breaks to see you at the edge of the cliff, I will never push you over”.

Life speaks to you and to me all the time. Are we listening?