Yogic Awareness:
Little irritations when bottled up turn to anger and then rage. Release little irritations then and there. When anything that stains spills on your shirt the sensible thing to do would be to wash it off then and there rather than wait for a couple of days. By then the staining agent would have seeped in deeper. Hence remember to be aware of things that bother you and release them then and there as much as possible. Do a regular spring-cleaning of your emotional baggage.

Yogic technique:
The Cleansing Breath: Sit in vajrasana or on the chair. See to it that the back neck and shoulders are in line and straight. Breathe in for the count of 6 and breathe out through the mouth for the count of six with a whoosh noise. Whoosh out irritations and pain. This can be practiced any time you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Take two-minute breaks in office and practice. This can also be practiced as you are involved in any activity. Constantly bring your awareness to your breathing.

Yogic concept:
The breath is related to emotions. The natural way for the body to release pent up stress is through a long sigh. This natural body reaction was observed by the “rishis” or researchers of those days and systematized as a technique. Long exhalations are a good way to release pent up emotions. Most hold in worries, pain or disappointments. The cleansing breath helps to release them.