Yogic Awareness: Our sub-conscious mind is like a computer program that can get into a loop of thinking and enacting the same things. This definitely has its uses as tasks do not have to be re-learned and can be performed automatically. However it can be the cause of energy loss if it loops into worry and negativity. We can substitute positive vibrations for the negative ones that are going on again and again. When you tell the mind to not think of a particular thing it plays truant and thinks of the very same thing. Thus by substitution we are better able to let go of the negative. This practice will help clarify the mind through using a sound vibration.

The Technique: Sit on a chair or on the ground in vajrasana. Keep your vertebral column straight and firm. Take a deep breath for 4-6 counts thinking the sound “mmm”. Now chant the sound “mmm” as you breathe out. Do 3-6 rounds. Then relax and be with the stillness.

Yogic Concept: The brahmari is the female bee. The queen bee controls all the worker bees. Hence the sound “mmm” that resembles the sound of the bee controls all negativity and worry that recurs in our mind. Constant worry will wear the system down. The queen bee gives direction to the worker bees that would waste their energy if not properly guided. The mind is a powerful tool that can be used to create harmony so all work together. All of us have dis-functions in our lower mind that can get exaggerated in disharmonious environments. Practice this pranayama so that the intellect that brings in the sense of higher purpose can be activated.